Fingerprint Door Lock

Finger is scanned and the fingerprint pattern is detected and used for access control through a keyless door lock.
E4U offer wide range of Fingerprint Door Locks for Home & Office applications. Securing household with biometric fingerprint technology. Owners do not need to carry keys anymore. Users can open the door simply by touching the fingerprint reader.

Features – Fingerprint Door Locks

  • -Fingerprint identification for keyless entry and access control
  • -Storage of upto 100 fingerprints
  • -Attractive design, fully self-contained unit; no external wiring
  • -Easily programmable with the help of manual, No computer required
  • -Can use Physical Key also with Fingerprint Door Locks
  • -PIN / Password mode available with Fingerprint Door Locks
  • -Key override to conform to regulations
  • -Interchangeable with wide range of existing door locks

Designed for User convenience

No more keys, cards or remotes necessary. The ultimate convenience of nothing to carry, pass on, forget, be duplicated or to have stolen. Very easy and quick to register and verify the fingerprints.

Highest Security Level

Highly secure Fingerprint-based identification is the oldest and the most reliable among all the biometric systems because your finger prints are unique and truly identify you.

World best Optical Sensor

World’s most reliable fingerprint algorithm and optical scratch resistant fingerprint sensor is inbuilt in our Fingerprint door locks

Sufficient fingerprint capacity

100 fingerprint capacity with 1:N matching in less then 1 second