Access Control Solutions

We have been successfully designing, installing and maintaining access control systems for both large and small commercial businesses, as well as residential properties.
The latest access systems that are available today provide business and homeowners with secure and convenient technology that will enable accurate movement control through any physical access point - doors, gates, turnstiles, parking ramps, lifts, and more.
To secure a facility, organizations use electronic access control systems that rely on user credentials, access card readers, auditing and reports to track employee access to restricted business locations and proprietary areas, such as data centers. Some of these systems incorporate access control panels to restrict entry to rooms and buildings as well as alarms and lockdown capabilities to prevent unauthorized access or operations.

Access control features

  • • Seamless integration of intruder alarm and access control ability.
  • • Use of either proximity cards, key ring fob or biometric reader technology.
  • • Vast assortment of locking devices to suit any access point.
  • • Integration with CCTV and digital video technologies.
  • • Powerful and flexible programming of user access control rights.
  • • End user system management software solutions.
  • • Comprehensive reporting of user access and egress movements.
  • • Technology leasing options available.

Access Control Solutions using smart cards

A smart card is a typical plastic card that contains an embedded computer chip which is either a memory or a microprocessor type. The data that the chip is responsible for storing and transmitting pertains to either value, information or a combination of both. This data is both stored and processed within the card’s chip. The card data is transmitted via a reader, which is the outward facing component of the smart card security computing system. Several systems across a wide range of commercial sectors, like banking, healthcare, finance, entertainment, and media nowadays use smart card security systems in their applications. Applications using smart cards benefit from the several security features that these chip cards provide. The efficiency of the systems is elevated to a large extent due to the smart cards.

Access Control Solutions using Biometrics.

Despite its screen-worthy characteristics, biometrics is a science based on precise mathematics. By using strict measuring procedures to make sense of a person’s identity, biometrics a trustworthy mechanism for access control systems.
In contrast to behaviometrics (measuring patterns in human’s physical activity), biometrics finds patterns in various body features. Some like to attribute voice recognition to behavioral measures, while connecting face recognition to the wider scope of general biometric measures.
Voice recognition and face recognition are now getting almost as accepted as fingerprints.
When you say that the access to your home or your company building is controlled by biometrics, it means that the readers measure face distortions, finger whorls or voice parameters to let the biometrics access control equipment know that the person requiring entrance is an individual with genuine access, and not an intruder.